Mima's Apartments was created with the purpose of being an alternative shelter for relaxation and tranquility close to nature. From an advantageous location in the area of Marathi in Mykonos and just a 10-minute drive away from cosmopolitan Chora and the famous sights of the island, Mima's Apartments is a green paradise! Sheep are grazing in fields around the complex, scents of wildflowers, capers and fennel are in the air, candles are lit in the family church of the Holy Cross ... Clean air and authenticity only a breath away from the trendiest bars and restaurants of Chora.

Activities we suggest

At Mima's Apartments you have the chance to escape from the beaten touristic paths and see Mykonos with other eyes.

If you want something different from your holidays and impeccable hospitality combined with tours of Mykonian countryside, Mima's Apartments can organize these activities for you!


Our family, driven by love, pride and deep religious faith, organizes the famous festival of the Holy Cross every year. On the eve of the commemoration of the Holy Cross on September 13th, we welcome to our family church (which is available for religious ceremonies) locals from all over the island and travelers from all over the world with the unparalleled Mykonian hospitality and warmth that distinguishes us. With bread, pastries, stews, boiled meat, plenty of local wine, dancing and live music with traditional instruments, our great celebration has been established and is now a reference point for Mykonos. Come to experience one of the most famous festivals on the island, meet new friends and feel like true Mykonians! Everyone is welcome at Mima's Apartments!

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